headerA congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA

Welcome to the website of Faith Reformed Church. 

We are small church and are currently searching for our next pastor.
In a small curch, everyone can get to know
everyone else. And that's important if creating real Christian friendships
is important - and it is.

Our worship services are based on the idea that it is not we who invite
God to join us for a time of worship. Rather, it is God who invites us to join Him.
So we come to Him in order to enjoy a time of dialogue with Him. He speaks to us
through the reading and preaching of the Scriptures, and we responding to Him by our
prayers and songs. You can find a sample of a typical bulletin here.

As often as possible, we celebrate the Lord's Supper. We do this because the Supper is a tool
that the Spirit uses to feed our souls. It's a companion to the ministry of the Word.
Being fed only once in a while doesn't make a lot of sense to us.

We work at taking the study of the Bible seriously and making it something we live.
So, for example, the sermons are not superficial but neither are they theological
dissertations. The goal of the sermons is to explain some aspect of the Gospel from
a passage in the Bible and how we can live well as disciples of Jesus as a result.
In addition, we have classes to study the Bible on Sundays before worship, as well
as Bible studies during the week.

We hope that this gives you a sense of who we are.
If you have any questions just email us at elders@frcerie.info.